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The 2018 SASA Conference will be hosted by the University of South Africa from 26 - 29 November 2018 at the Florida Campus, Johannesburg. Please see conference website for further details,

Funding Initiatives

TDG Funding


If you qualify for funding please discuss with your node on how to submit a funding application. This can be done at any time of the year. 



SASA -NRF Funding

Funding from the NRF was obtained to achieve the long term goal of producing young academic statisticians capable of training generations to come. The funding is to assist in resolving the crisis in Academic Statistics in higher education. The focus is on academic excellence in various categories, and all research should be in Statistics or Mathematical Statistics majors.

Calls for the 2018 cohort were sent in 2017 to all HoDs and Chairpersons of Statistics Departments in South Africa. Further initiatives of funding will be communicated to all HoDs and chairpersons in the near future. All Heads of Departments have a copy of the 2018 funding document and updated initiatives will be communicated to them. This document explains all the different options, amounts and limits. Due dates of all submissions and applications are determined using the NRF guidelines.

Funding prior to 2018: Bursaries to full-time Masters and Doctoral students, staff development – Masters and Doctoral studies, postdoctoral fellowships and knowledge share. Funding in 2018: Bursaries to full-time Masters and Doctoral students.


SASA/NRF Working Committee: 

Paul Mostert ( tel: 021-808-3536; fax: 021-808-3830

James Ndege (

Francesca Little (

Andriette Bekker (

Kwabena Kyei (