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The 2018 SASA Conference will be hosted by the University of South Africa from 26 - 29 November 2018 at the Florida Campus, Johannesburg. Please see conference website for further details,


South African Statistical Journal

In order to submit articles to the South African Statistical Journal (SASJ) the author must register their contact information, input the details of the article, and upload the paper on the Paper Submission page  (click here). All submission must be submitted as a single PDF document with all figures and tables placed in their desired positions. Note: please do not submit the paper to the Editor via e-mail - any technical difficulties with the submission process can be reported here. 

The pdf file can be constructed from any typesetting software (including, Microsoft Word, TeX software, Scientific Workplace, etc.) and, at this stage of the submission process, the author is not required to submit the article in the exact format required by the journal (formatting available here). A confirmation letter and reference number for the submission will then be sent to the author via the email address provided during author registration.

Once the submitted article has undergone peer review, the author will be contacted by the editor to confirm whether or not the submission has been accepted for publication and the author will be given instructions by the managing editor via e-mail on how to continue the submission process. Note that the article may not be concurrently submitted to another publisher. 
Note: In the case where the article has been accepted the author will then be asked to convert the article into TeX format using the TeX template which is available here (the editorial staff at SASJ will not take any responsibility for this task, but assistance can be made available to the author on request).