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The 2018 SASA Conference will be hosted by the University of South Africa from 26 - 29 November 2018 at the Florida Campus, Johannesburg. Please see conference website for further details,

Paper Submission Guidelines

SASA will once again be producing proceedings of peer-reviewed papers from its annual conference with the inclusion of a Part A: Theoretical Statistics and a Part B: Applied Statistics. Presenters who would like to submit contributions for review and inclusion in the proceedings are requested to take note of the following:

The deadline for submission of full paper(s) is 25 September 2018. 

Papers may cover all aspects of theoretical and/or applied Statistics, but should contain original research. SASA endeavours to produce proceedings of the highest quality. The applied option should involve research into the innovative real-world application of statistical techniques; the challenges, insights and implementation of which lead to a better understanding of statistical theory and its application.

Instructions to authors:

  • Authors must upload two copies of their full paper on the Conference  Proceedings page here: the original copy and a blinded copy with all author names, affiliations, and contact details removed.
  • All submissions must be submitted as a single .pdf document with all figures and tables placed in their desired positions.
  • The .pdf file can be constructed from any typesetting software (including, Microsoft Word, TeX software, Scientific Workplace, etc.). Typesetting using LaTeX (and the SASA proceedings LaTeX template) is highly recommended.
  • Authors should limit the submission to 8 pages or less.
  • Note: Since different typesetting software packages are allowed, there is a possibility that there will be a discrepancy in the number of pages when the final document is ultimately converted into the LaTeX template. For best results use LaTeX and the SASA Proceedings LaTeX template (AVAILABLE HERE). 
  • Authors using Microsoft Word should attempt to maintain the 8 page limit when the document is formatted using Arial 11pt font, 1.5 line spacing, and top, left, bottom, and right margins set to 2.54cm (default). These settings will (roughly) produce the same number of pages when the document is converted into the LaTeX template.
  • Submitted articles will undergo an initial screening process to filter out any unsuitable submissions, after which they be subject to a blind peer review phase where at least two referees will assess the merits of the paper and decide if it can be published.
  • Once the submitted article has undergone peer review, the author will be contacted by the editor via e-mail to confirm whether or not the submission has been accepted for publication in the SASA proceedings and the author will be given instructions on how to continue the submission process.
  • In the case where the article has been accepted the author will then be asked to convert the article into LaTeX format using the SASA proceedings LaTeX template (the editorial staff for the proceedings will not take any responsibility for this task). 
  • Note that if your article is accepted in the proceedings then you MUST also present (an oral presentation) the same paper during the conference (if you are unable to do so then the paper will automatically be removed from the conference proceedings). 
Please ensure that you register for the conference and submit an abstract for presentation at the conference once you have submitted your article. 
Note: Registering a talk at the conference and submitting an article for the proceedings are two separate processes. Please register your abstract with the conference here (this link is not active yet).
For queries related to the editorial process, please contact Dr Leonard Santana
(w): +27 (0)18 299 4045