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Conference Proceedings

SASA will once again be producing proceedings of peer-reviewed papers from its annual conference. Presenters who would like to submit contributions for review and inclusion in the proceedings are requested to take note of the following:

The deadline for submission of full paper(s) closed on Friday 5 September 2014.

Instructions to authors:

Papers may cover all aspects of theoretical and/or applied Statistics, but should contain original research. SASA endeavours to produce proceedings of the highest quality. All submissions must be submitted on the proceedings website as a single pdf document with all figures and tables placed in their desired positions. Authors must upload two copies of their full paper on the Conference Proceedings page: the original copy and a blinded copy with all author names, affiliations, and contact details removed. The pdf files can be constructed from any typesetting software (including, Microsoft Word, TeX software, Scientific Workplace, etc.) and, at this stage of the submission process, the author is not required to submit the article in the exact format required by the proceedings. Authors must limit the submission to 8 pages or less.


For queries related to the editorial process, please contact: Leonard Santana (w): +27 (0)18 299 4045

If your article is accepted in the proceedings then please note that the author must also present the same paper during the conference. Please ensure that you register for the conference (and submit an abstract for presentation at the conference) once you have submitted your article for the proceedings. Note: Registering a talk at the conference and submitting an article for the proceedings are two separate processes.

Once the submitted article has undergone peer review, the author will be contacted by the editor of the proceedings (Leonard Santana) via e-mail to confirm whether or not the submission has been accepted for publication; the author will then be given instructions on how to continue the submission process.

Note: In the case where the article has been accepted, the author will then be asked to convert the article into LaTeX format using the Conference Proceedings template which will be made available on the website (the editorial staff for the proceedings will not take any responsibility for this task).