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About the South African Statistical Association Conference 2015

The South African Statistical Association’s annual conference is hosted by a different institution each year. The Department of Statistics, University of Pretoria has volunteered to host in 2015 together with StatsSA who co-host every 4 years.

Three reasons to come to Pretoria:

1. It is the South African Statistical Conference 2015 and it promises to be a rewarding experience. The line-up of speakers, both national and international is impressive. 

2. The Department of Statistics at the University of Pretoria is having its 90th birthday and although being the oldest statistics department in South Africa, the vibe is still young and the sideshows will create a party-like mood.

3. The conference format is designed to stimulate research and human capital development – so this is the place where you can source new ideas, create contacts and at least make a list of resolutions for your research in 2016.

Diarise this event!

The LOC has embarked on changing the previous format of the conference for 2015 in order to encourage high quality contributions by the 300-400 delegates who attend every year. We anticipate approximately 15-20 international delegates that will be part of the plenary and parallel special sessions.  A diverse group of international experts is being identified to join us at this conference so that the bar of academic excellence will be as high as international standards allow. This conference aims to promote the broad variety of statistical areas that can (and should) be studied in South Africa, and assist with the crucial development of analytical skills needed for our country.  By having the international speakers present it can greatly assist to make sure that South Africa stays on top of the game of international academic trends in the field of statistics, and ensure a competitive and stimulating research- and industry-based environment for South Africa.

The Stochastic Processes Research Theme- STATISTICS of the CoE-MaSS will be integrated with the South African Statistical Association Conference in 2015 and we are looking forward to the invited session as well as the workshop on Thursday 3 December presented by Prof Dr Gregory Levitin from  the Reliability and Equipment Division, The Israel Electric Corporation Ltd