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The 2018 SASA Conference will be hosted by the University of South Africa from 26 - 29 November 2018 at the Florida Campus, Johannesburg.

Student Awards

2017 winners

Postgraduate Paper Competition winners 2017

Pali Lehohla award for the best emerging statistician

N Zondo (UKZN): Student Attitudes towards Statistics: The case of South Africa

1st Prize

J Nienkemper-Swanepoel (SUN): Exploratory study for the visualisation of incomplete multivariate categorical data + attending and presenting a paper at the 2017 SASA conference

2nd Prize

K Yoo (UP): Probabilistic SEM: An augmentation to classical structural equation modelling 


SAS Honours Project Winners 2017

·      Zolisa Bleki (UCT): Laplace variational influence of the single-season site occupancy model using a probit link function 

·       Gabriel de Wet (UP): Methods for semi-supervised text classification 

·       Nathaniel Joselson (UCT): An examination of the use and interpretation of principal components in generalised linear models to treat multicolinearity amongst predictors


2017 Third Year Competition Winners

Bursary: A Langston (RU) sponsored by SAS and Z Adams (SUN) sposnored by ICCSSA

Scholarships: N Gorlach (NMU) 


2017 Second Year Competition Winners

Scholarship:  W Abrahams (NMU)

Bursary: W Chitsike (UP) and C Fazzini (UP)


2016 winners

Postgraduate Paper Competition winners 2016

1st Prize

P Sewmohan (UP): A comparison of the EM algorithm and the method of maximum likelihood under constraints (MLEC)​​​​​​​ + attending and presenting a paper at the 2016 SASA conference

2nd Prize

J Mazarura (UP): A comparison of the performance of Latent Dirichlet allocation and the Dirichlet multinomial mixture model on short tex


SAS Honours Project Winners 2016

·       Luca Steyn (SUN): Statistical Modelling with Quantile-based Methods and L-moments​​​​​​​ 

·       Brett Rowland (UP): Mixtures of Gamma Distributions to Model the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Wireless Channels​​​​​​​ 

·       Kaylan Moodley (UCT): Application of Linear Programming to a Classification Problem


2016 Third Year Competition Winners

Bursary: C Dunderdale (NMMU) sponsored by SAS

Scholarships: L Boswell (RU) sponsored by ICCSSA and R du Toit (NWU) 


2016 Second Year Competition Winners

Scholarship:  H Maclean (RU)

Bursary: A Langston (RU)


2015 winners

Postgraduate Paper Competition winners 2015

1st Prize

C Janse van Rensburg (UP): Big Data: A Compressed Sensing Approach + attending and presenting a paper at the 2015 SASA conference

2nd Prize

H Sadiq (UCT): Inferring HIV-1 Drug Resistance as Episodic Directional Selection using Topic Models 

3rd Prize

C Ras (UP): Risk Performance of a Heteroscedastic Preliminary Test Estimator under the Reflected Normal Loss Function 


SAS Honours Project Winners 2015

·       Margaret de Villiers and Dalene Bezuidenhout (SUN): Influence of Right-Censoring on Some Kernel-Smoothed Hazard Rates 

·       Alex Lau (UP): Techniques for Background Modelling in Images 

·       Izak Nel (UCT): Investigating Specification Tests for Short Rate Diffusion Models 


2015 Third Year Competition Winners

Scholarship: D Botha (SUN) sponsored by SAS

Bursaries: K Mfeka (UKZN) sponsored by ICCSSA and M Alexander (UP) 


2015 Second Year Competition Winners

Scholarship:  C Dunderdale (NMMU)

Bursaries: C Zwane (UKZN) and S Mphuthu (UP)


2014 winners

Paper Competition for Young Statisticians winners 2014 (attending ISI in July 2015)

·       George O. Agogo (Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands, Kenyan): A flexible Zero-Augmented Generalized Gamma Mixed Effects Regression Calibration model to Correct for Measurement Error in Episodically Consumed Food

·       Tsiresy Pierre Bernard (UCT, Madagascan): A graphical overview of social inequality in South Africa

·       Aviwe Phelele Gqwaka (NMMU, South African): Efficiency Analysis of Electricity Distribution by South African Municipalities: A Cost Frontier Approach

·       Seitebaleng Makgai (UP, South African): Mixture of exponentiated Pareto model through beta type generator

·       Brenda V. Omachar (UP, Kenyan): The quantile-based generalized logistic distribution

·       Opeoluwa. F. Oyedele (UCT, Nigerian): Biplots for sparse partial least squares

·       Willem D. Schutte (NWU, South African): On the application of a new nonparametric estimator for the off-pulse interval of a light curve using a computer package


Postgraduate Paper Competition winners 2014

1st Prize

Johané Nienkemper-Swanepoel (UFS): Multiple Imputation using Regularised Iterative Multiple Correspondence Analysis + attending and presenting a paper at the 2014 SASA conference

2nd Prize

Herbert Hove (WITS): Characterisation of the Joint Behaviour of Competing Risks: Application to Accelerated Reliability Testing

3rd Prize

Yegnanew Shiferaw (WITS): Improved Confidence Intervals under the Fay-Herriot Model: Application to Poverty Incidence in Ethiopia (Official Statistics discipline)


SAS Honours Project Winners 2014

·       Cornu Campher (Wits): Point-in-Time – Through-the-Cycle Dual Calibration

·       Lionel Kemba (UKZN): Modeling financial data using the generalized hyperbolic distribution with an application to South African exchange rates

·       Melinda Ross (UCT): Phylogeographic Analysis of the Influenza A Virus in Africa


2014 Third Year Competition Winners

Scholarship: Ms Emma Plumstead (NMMU)

Bursaries: Ms Shannon Sass (NMMU) and Mr Sabelo Mokoena (UKZN)


2014 Second Year Competition Winners

Scholarship:  Ms M Alexander (UP) 

Bursaries: Mr O Mokoena (UL) and  Mr T Mchunu (UKZN)